Do you believe everything happens for a reason?


I have asked myself this question all of my life and now at this current stage in my life, I am 100% convinced that it does. Let’s think about our lives and about all of the stuff we have been through; and all the decisions we have made have led us exactly to the point in which we are right now at this very moment. We have to understand that we are not the victims of our situation; we are the architects of it. We, through our choices, have created our life and are directly responsible of where we are sitting at today.  Think of everything you have gone through and all those goals you have accomplished, and I’m willing to bet those goals were not easy to achieve.  As a matter of fact, think of anything you have accomplished in your life and I bet accomplishing it wasn’t easy; furthermore you shouldn’t be expecting things that are coming into your life to be easy. Is not easy, if it were easy everybody would touch greatness. My intention for this blog is just for you to take some time and as one of my friends said recently, “take time and smell the roses.” Take some time to appreciate and evaluate everything that has happen throughout your life; see what you did right and see what you did wrong, but don’t regret anything, because if you change something from the past your life wouldn’t be how it is now. Also, remember that every time there is a new beginning there is a new hope, a new hope for a new tomorrow. Sometimes when we make those tough decisions to move on in our life we are daring to be great, we are daring to take new steps in our lives, we are daring to have a different life, that’s what we are doing, and that’s what life is about; imagining something greater than us, imagining and daring for a better life. I believe the best is yet to come for all of us and even thought there will be some rocks and stones along the way, just remember if there were no rocks in the stream then the river wouldn’t sing. Thanks for reading, please evaluate your life and don’t look so much to the past, but look inside you and look towards the future. I would like to leave you guys a great quote for adversity, I am going to paraphrase the best I can because I can’t remember it exactly, but it says something like this—Sometimes you don’t know when the storm will hit, when it will actually hit, the damage it will do, or how will you get out of it, but the only thing that is certain is that you are a different person now than when you went in.





I have my goals. Now what?

Last blog, I wrote about the importance of having goals in the 7 different areas of our lives. (Career, Financial, Physical, Intellectual, Social, Family, and Religion) So what’s next after setting up your goals? WRITING THEM DOWN. It is crucial to write down your goals because you need something to aim at, if you don’t have a target you will miss 100% of the time. Secondly, and more importantly, is actually creating a plan of action in order to achieve those goals. It is the how and the what, How I’m I going to hit those goals? What do I need to do in order to achieve them? Napoleon Hill said that action is the real measure of intelligence, so the best metric for our intelligence is not our IQ or GPA, but rather it is the actual action we take towards achieving our goals. I am sure we all know smart people that don’t do anything, so in order for us to prove how smart we are we must DO something. I believe that we are not measured by school degrees, but rather by the way of our thinking and our actions. Everybody wants to win in life, but how many of us are actually taking action. We all have goals, but we need a plan of action in order to achieve them. I read that a plan of action will separate you from the 97% of the people you meet. And I believe this is true; about two years ago I started to see that most people want certain things, however they absolutely do nothing to attain them. Everybody wants to lose weight, everybody wants to make more money, everybody wants better quality relationships, but what are you actually DOING daily in order to achieve those wants? Furthermore, remember that is really important to track your progress in order to get traction. Goals are usually attained gradually by building certain habits; rarely do they happen from one day to the other.  In short, here are 3 steps that can help you achieve your goals:

1. Write down your goal- You need to know what you’re aiming at

2. Create a plan of action- Have a plan and work diligently

3. Track your progress- Set deadlines and review goals daily


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How do you want next year to be?

How do you want next year to be?


As the year comes to a close, I hope all of you are already planning what next year is going to look like. If we don’t plan and determine what the next year will bring for us, it will just simply be a repetition of this year. It is imperative that we make clear goals for what we need to accomplish next year in the following 7 areas:


1. Career

2. Financial

3. Physical

4. Social

5. Intellectual

6. Family

7. Spiritual


These 7 areas make up the wheel of life, and we need to be working on all of these areas diligently in order to have an overall fulfilling life. We cannot just focus in on one specific area because then the other areas will start to slack. The key is prioritizing what needs to be done, but without leaving the other areas uncared for. I encourage you to take an inventory of where you currently sit in all these areas, and where do you want to go next year. Then write down specific goals you want to accomplish in all the areas. For example:


1. Career- finish school, get a promotion, get a bigger salary

2. Financial- pay off debt, save for a car/house

3. Physical- lose 10 pounds

4. Social- hang out with my friend “Zack” at least 6 times this year

5. Intellectual- read 10 books a year

6. Family- Call my mom once a week

7. Spiritual- Attend church every Sunday


These are just some examples that can help you think of what your goals might be, your goals should be tailored to what your wants are, just remember that your goals need to be SMART, and that is:








It is important that we budget our time in order to meet our goals in life, because that is the only way we will dictate how our life turns out instead of wondering where it went. Remember we are the both the director and the main actor in this movie that is called life.


To end this blog, I will like to thank every single person that is following me and has read this blog. I really hoped I had some type of impact this year in your life, even if it was really small.  Even a small impact through the words I write in this blog, for me is a total success. I hope you continue along with me, and I promise to give you even more food for thought, more information that will not only help change our culture, but also help change the person you see everyday in the mirror. Thank you for reading, thank you for your time, and I’m sure next year will be your best year yet.






This Christmas begin to Live

The other day I was reading that if you live in America, economically, you are in the top 5 or 6 percent of the world, can you believe that? That means that we are better off than at least 94 percent of the world’s population. When we see things such as occupy Wall Street and the fight against the top percent and the evil rich people, we are not realizing that we ourselves are that top percent. Here in America, we have too much stuff; too many material possessions. Think about all the stuff you own? How many TVs do you have in your household? How many cell phones have you owned in your life? How many shoes, clothes, and jewelry do you own? I’m not saying it’s not ok to have great things, everybody likes nice stuff, but sometimes we must evaluate if the purchase is really necessary. We should never, ever, forget to be thankful for the things we already have. During this Christmas season, I would like to encourage everybody that is reading this to be unselfish. It is the season to give! I don’t quite agree with the people that buy themselves presents for Christmas, as I said it’s the season to give, not to buy yourself more things. As you set up your Christmas budget make sure you have a “giving” category. Even if it’s a small amount try to give with your heart. I am a firm believer that giving will offer a greater return than any other thing in this world. Givers get happiness, getters don’t. This Christmas let’s give something, if you don’t have money, then give hugs, compliments, a poem, or a letter; get creative, but do something that will brighten someone’s day and make them smile. Let’s live this Christmas a little different than all the Christmases before, and practice being unselfish by giving.

“When you get outside of yourself and make a contribution to others, YOU REALLY BEGIN TO LIVE” – John C. Maxwell.

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Work now, play later…

Work now, play later, that is the way it works, however most people decided to play now and work later. People forget that we need to give up to go up, we need to sacrifice and focus on the things that actually make an impact on our lives. The sooner we learn this principle, the sooner we will be able to dedicate time to the what matters most. You see we need to make some type of alignment in our lives and be strategic. How many people do you know that are always busy, always doing something, however they are not aligned. All those things that are keeping them busy are not really having an impact in their life. They are not positioning themselves where they need to be, and are not doing the things they need to win in life. One important habit to learn is to start with the end in mind, be a big-picture thinker. Seeing the big picture, and really thinking where you want to go in life not only helps you get things in perspective, but also ensures you start doing the small things that align with the big thing. For example, when you work on a big goal, you need to create sub-set goals that all lead to the primary goal. Don’t be salve to the immediate, be a big picture thinker. Are you doing something today that is leading you to your goals?



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2 questions you need to ask yourself to change your life.



If we want to change our life, we have to first ask ourselves two questions: 1. What to remove? and 2. What to add?


1. What to remove?


You need to ask yourself, “ What do I need to remove from my life that is not helping me grow and achieve the things I want?” For example, it could be certain people that are bringing bad influences into your life. There is a saying in Spanish that says “dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres” which means, tell me who you hang out with and I will tell you who you are. It is just a fact that we begin to think, speak, and act like the people we associate with; however, sometimes these people are not necessarily the best influence in our life. This is a hard fact because sometimes it is people we have known for a long time or even worse, members of our own family. Donald Trump said that on the way to the top one must be prepared to lose friends and family.  We have all experience this, people do change, how many of us have lost friendships with people we were really close with, and now we have no idea where they are or what they are doing. Also, we  need to remove from our life habits that are not contributing anything to our life. One of the worse habits, in my opinion, is Television.


67% of wealthy people watch 1 hour or less of television per day vs. 23% of poor people


6% of wealthy people watch reality TV vs. 78% of poor people


Some interesting statistics to think about don’t you think?



2. What to add?

The second question we have to ask ourselves is what to add? This is similar to the previous question because we have to ask ourselves “what people and habits do I have to add to my life in order to grow? What people are positive thinkers and bring a good influence in my life? We cannot hang out with people who are complainers and whiners because, with time, we will eventually begin to act and turn into them. Furthermore, we need to create habits that are good for us, habits that have worked for other successful people. If you want to be successful, do what successful people do, if you want to be rich do things that rich people do, if you want to be skinny do things that skinny people do.  This also works vice versa, such as, if you want to be poor do what poor people do; in business this is called best practices. Lastly, we need to start the habit of creating goals and setting up a plan for achieving them. Goals are what propel us forward, goals are what keep us moving; goals keep us grinding through the ups and downs of everyday life.


67% of wealthy people write down their goals vs. 17% of poor people


84% of wealthy people believe good habits create opportunity luck vs. 4% of poor people


81% of wealthy people maintain a to-do list vs. 19% of poor people


More interesting statistics to think about.


This week think about what you need to remove from your life and what you need to add in order to keep growing.

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Are you happy?



What is happiness? Happiness is a state of mind; it is a conscious choice. Happiness is about the here and now, not about the when and where. How many people do you always hear saying “When I have this I will be happy,” or “When I do this I will be happy,” or “When I get that job I will be happy.” Is not on the when, is on the now. Now I have this, now I’m thankful for that. The best antidote for unhappiness is gratitude. It is finding the right balance between the things we have and the things we want. It is realizing that the things that are worthwhile in this life are truly free; love, friendship, and family. Our culture is so materialistic that we even tend to place our own self-value based on the things we have. We believe that by having more stuff we will satisfy our appetite for happiness, and in reality we will never reach that without gratitude. Maturity, sometimes is just realizing all the wonderful things you have around you. Realizing the opportunity you have just by being in this country where we have freewill. Realizing that you are healthy, realizing that you have people that care about you, realizing that you have the opportunity to be the person you desire to be. There is a story about a guy who did not have shoes, and all he would do is complain. He complained that the floor was too hot, he complained that his feet were full of blisters and scratches; all he would do all day was just complain, until finally one day walking down the street he saw a man with no feet; and that day he changed his perspective in life. As I said, the antidote for unhappiness is gratitude; in addition the antidote for complainers is also gratitude. Take time this day, and be thankful for what you have. Just like that guy in the story you might not have shoes, but at least you have your feet.



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